Karin Roberts (f. 1975) is a collage artist, based in Stockholm. With a background from the field of advertising, she samples photos – mainly from fashionmagazines – to create new meanings. She is interested in the way our identity is formed and how the perceptions of one self can hold us in place. With references such as dadaism and surrealism she uses the collages to deconstruct and reform oneself.

London College of Fashion ”Fashion Illustration” 1997
RMI Bergh ”Art Direction”  Stockholm 1999
Konstfack ”Public Spaces”  Stockholm 2014

Konstfack ”Going Public” 2014
Färgfabriken ”Främlingen”  2015
CFF (Centrum För Fotografi) ”Home” 2016
Sandqvist ”Gatuplan” 2017
Devoto “Avant Garde” 2019
House of Egoista, 2019
Liljeholmshamnen “Symbios” 2020
Järnvägsparken ”Metamorfos” 2020
Husby Konstnärsstråk ”Tag me” 2021